Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daily Story #1

This is the first in what I hope will become a series of daily stories of between 100-200 words. I have never been one for tradition, but I have a dreadful feeling I am going to make a habit of this.

#1 Ultimate recipe for productivity:
I start by saying confidently: “I can’t do this.”
My desk is a mess. I should make space for my computer. Or my pencils. I should draw something. I have to complete at least one small thing, or this day will be a waste.
I own three jars, each with a single pickled cucumber - I learn this as I scout for inspiration in the fridge. My desk is a mess.
I’m going to read a book, that’s productive, isn’t it?
I read a book. I feel smarter.
I approach my desk. I will make space for my computer, and fill jars with my pencils. There are jars in the fridge. I will get a snack.
I have a snack, spurred by the notion of productivity that emptying the jars provides.
I put the books aside, they are tomorrow’s problem, now distant and dwarfed by the conquest of my work space, complete with gleaming stationary repositories and my glorious digital literary generator. I am victorious, as I am now writing at my desk.
The above work of fiction was written sitting on my bed.
My desk is a mess.

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