Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daily Story #11


So pretty
Built a musical invention
Suzie D
Waited with anticipation
Because you see,
These best of friends would help each other:
The iron was hot,
The time was ripe,
The curtains were drawn,
The candles were smothered.

Thandilee set to work, warming up her machine
Made of grinding wooden gears 
With cones of steel for bending screams.
Suzie D began to sing,
The cacophonous inferno
Harmonised with Suzie D
Who’s voice was cracking the window.

And then it all stopped, kind of suddenly.
A pin hit the floor,
Silently if you’d believe me.
And then the machine, very much neatly
Folded itself into a match box
And waited discreetly.
Contained deep within
Its mechanical landscape
Was Suzie D’s voice
With no hope of escape.

Exploding with glee,
Scooped up the box
and pocketed it
Proceeding to flee.
Suzie D,
Her voices widow,
Not defeated easily,
Tackled her best friend through the window
And they descended terminally.

And of what was found,
By those who saw them hit the rocks,
There was nothing quite so curious
As the tiny singing box.

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