Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daily Story #3

Fin Soup Blues

Damn, I think senselessly as I leap from the fire escape. A short jump across, four meters, but the flooded street pans slow, far below me. That woman was genuinely mad. Great rack, freaky as hell, but damn - I thought mermaids were too dumb to be crazy. 

That was the problem I left in the last building, though as I sail to the next my real troubles move under me with less consideration for the architecture. As I land on the opposite window ledge the building judders. I glimpse the tail fins of my pursuer enter the building below in a cloud of dust, hard electronic music and bits of office. I waste no time in climbing, passing the bricks, sills and pipes from my hands to my feet with ease, rising quick. Behind me the mermaid curses loudly as her apartment building collapses into the sea.

I near the summit, my salvation, my next temporary escape. As I dive for the next block the building explodes around me. My nemesis, the shark: the mermaids lover, Dubstep lazers blasting from his gills - propelling him through the air so he can snap at my heels.

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