Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily Story #4

Last Ditch

There wasn’t enough time, but he had to try. Rerouting the power from his suits life support to the console, he breached the door and found himself quickly sucked into space.

Holding his breath, his muscles, eyes and teeth burning, he sprinted along the side of the satellite assisted by his thrusters. He saw the beast, the enormous drone, not machine nor animal, screaming silently towards the atmosphere, preparing to forever disrupt the balance of the planet. He kicked away from the satellite, estimating a trajectory unaided. With a short burst he was on an uncertain path, falling alongside the monster. He knew that his fuel tank would create a large enough explosion on re-entry.

This should work, he thought, as he fell unconscious.

The two figures hung below an encircling horizon, glowing by the heat of rushing air.

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