Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daily Story #7

Sound over Substance

The caffeine coursed through me, stimulating my plumbing. I knew, as a rat, three coffee beans was pushing it. Raindrops twitched my tail. I bounded across the road for the cover of the drain, only to see humans standing at the corner, waiting.  

Their chest woofers pulsed slow, in sync with one and other. The magnetic coils of their voice boxes kicked the diaphragm of their mouths in complex rhythms, indecipherable music to my rodent ears. A car then pulled up, growling, silencing the loiterers. Their chest woofers increased in pace.  A verbal and then physical exchange was made, the driver going on his way with a heavier pocket.

They opened the package. Flash drives. Each inserted one into their socket, the data taking a few moments to copy. Gradually chatter resumed, synchronized but jittery - nervous perhaps. They started to walk and I followed, curious. They began to laugh, electronic convulsions of vacuous fuzz, losing time, losing synchrony. Their steps got slippery, though the ground was mostly dry. They hugged and joked incoherently, each dancing to their own rhythm, their combined noise an echoing wall of sonic arrhythmia.

I will never understand humans, I thought, gnawing my fourth coffee bean. 

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