Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daily Story #8

A cat, tongue dragging in the dirt, said once to me:

I think it's important not to forget, the constructions of your observation are the result of filtration by the senses, notwithstanding the augmentation of personal notions to the picture of the movie that you see yourself seeing inside your head. Meow, right?

But it is not a movie, your memory, no, it is a bundle of seeds and farmers who would push those seeds into the fields of your thinky bits in the hope that rain will fall from the senses onto the young crop, favoring one farmers seeds over another. The crops bloom, some die, and some yield new seeds, which are stored in the hopes of producing a new crop at the correct time in the future. In my feline perception of character and action in human beings, I see the fertility and competition of these crops as the substance of personality and action.

I, being a cat, lack the cortical structure to experience this myself, but I do believe my model is quite sound, though I had very much to drink last night.

Here is a brain scan to illustrate this phenomenological divide:

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